Same-Day Custom Dental Crowns

Dr. Eduardo Torrado offers all-porcelain dental crowns at his Rochester, NY, practice to restore damaged or decayed teeth. A compromised tooth can cause pain and disrupt your bite over time. Changes in your bite can, in turn, cause temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, an inflammation of the jaw joints that can result in a multitude of painful symptoms. These tooth-shaped porcelain caps complete cover a treated tooth to restore balance, comfort, and aesthetics. Using CEREC® technology, we can create and place beautiful custom crowns in a single appointment, eliminating the hassle of multiple office visits and temporary crowns.

When is a Dental Crown Needed?

Photo of dental crownsWhen a tooth suffers severe decay or structural damage, a crown is often necessary to repair and reinforce the tooth. The crown will also protect the tooth from future damage. Dr. Torrado can determine if a crown is needed during an examination. In some cases, we can repair a decayed tooth with a simple filling. For decay or damage that makes a filling insufficient, an inlay or onlay may be more appropriate. Inlays and onlays can repair moderate damage while keeping a majority of the tooth structure intact.

When a tooth suffers severe decay or structural damage, a crown is often necessary to repair and reinforce the tooth.

Dental crowns, however, are best for repairing more significant damage, such as after root canal therapy, and avoiding the need for an extraction. In terms of your oral health, it is far better to preserve as much of your tooth as possible. If Dr. Torrado recommends extraction, he can replace the missing tooth with a dental implant. The dental implant can then support a custom-made crown to restore function and aesthetics to your smile.

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain is a durable material that closely resembles natural dental tissue. Dr. Torrado offers porcelain crowns because they can repair and protect your tooth without compromising the appearance of your smile. Porcelain is a biocompatible material, so you do not have to worry about any sensitivity to metals, which can cause gum irritation. 

What is the Placement Process Like?

After Dr. Torrado determines that a crown is necessary to repair your tooth, he will begin the process of removing decayed and damaged tissue. He will then reshape your tooth to accommodate your new crown. Once the reshaping process is complete, he will then use our advanced CEREC® technology to take impressions of your teeth. The CEREC® system uses these impressions to design your custom crown with computerized tools. After selecting a shade of porcelain that closely matches your natural teeth, the system then carves your crown from a block of porcelain.

Once the crown is ready, Dr. Torrado will check to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. He will then cement the crown in place. Dr. Torrado will once again check to ensure the crown does not affect your bite. He can make minor adjustments and adjust the crown if needed. Finally, you can leave our office with a beautiful and fully functional smile.

Contact Us Today

If you have experienced dental trauma, or if you are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay, do not hesitate to contact Torrado Dental electronically or call (585) 442-1900 to schedule an appointment. When problems are detected early, we can typically use more conservative treatments to repair your tooth and restore your oral health. Meanwhile, our advanced technology ensures that we can provide fast, effective relief.