Replace Missing Teeth with Lifelike Dental Bridges

Dr. Eduardo Torrado provides patients in the Rochester, NY, area with beautiful, high-quality dental bridges. A dental bridge is an affordable, effective solution for replacing missing teeth. The bridge is created by one or more artificial teeth called pontics, which are held in place by crowns capping the surrounding teeth, or dental implants. Dr. Torrado uses highly accurate digital imaging to ensure that the new bridge fits your smile and flatters your features. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose from a variety of dental bridge options for results that are long-lasting and secure. In some cases, we can provide a custom bridge in a single office visit.

Dental Bridges Rebuild Your Smile

If you are missing one to three consecutive teeth, a dental bridge may be the solution for you. Dental bridges provide several cosmetic and health benefits for patients. In addition to eliminating gaps from your smile, dental bridges help restore your ability to chew and smile with confidence. If you previously suffered from speech difficulties due to missing teeth, a dental bridge can improve your enunciation. If left untreated, tooth loss can cause misalignment, bite issues, and irregular wear to surrounding teeth. A dental bridge can prevent these complications and maintain your healthy smile. In addition, implant-supported bridges provide further advantages because they halt bone atrophy that naturally occurs after tooth loss

Lifelike Restorative Materials

Our practice offers dental bridges made from porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal to provide highly lifelike results. Many patients choose all-porcelain bridges because of their superior aesthetics. Porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges have a metal support that provides the restoration with additional strength and stability. These restorations are coated with a porcelain shell to match surrounding teeth. 

Traditional versus Implant-Supported Bridges

During treatment, you will first receive a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for you. If you are a candidate for a dental bridge, Dr. Torrado can help you decide whether to receive a traditional or implant-supported bridge.

Implant-supported bridges provide the added benefit of jawbone tissue retention.

Traditional Bridges

If you are receiving a traditional bridge, Dr. Torrado will carefully reshape the surrounding teeth to accommodate crowns. Once your teeth have been prepared, we will take precise, digital impressions. Dr. Torrado will use these to design your customized restoration. Thanks to the CEREC® technology used in our office, you may be able to receive your dental bridge during the same appointment. If a same-day restoration is not possible, it will typically take two weeks until your bridge is complete, and we can provide a temporary restoration in the meantime. Once your custom dental bridge is ready, Dr. Torrado will anchor the crowns to the surrounding teeth and tightly secure the artificial teeth against the gum to prevent bacteria from entering the area. 

Do not let missing teeth limit your ability to eat or speak with confidence. We can provide lifelike restorations that fill the gaps in your smile and protect your oral health for years to come.

Implant-Supported Restorations

For an implant-supported bridge, you will first need to receive dental implants. These posts are placed in your jaw during a minor surgery. After your procedure, you will typically spend the next three to six months healing, allowing your jawbone to fuse with the dental implants. Once you have fully recovered, Dr. Torrado can attach your custom restoration to the implant posts for lifelike, highly durable results.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

Do not let missing teeth limit your ability to eat or speak with confidence. We can provide lifelike restorations that fill the gaps in your smile and protect your oral health for years to come. Call us at (585) 422-1900 or contact our office online to schedule your initial consultation.